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Adventures recommended by Lonely Planet for 2014

Lonely Planet gave me some tips on 10 of the best adventures for the year that just begun.
  • 1.       Mountain biking – Avoriaz, France.
  • 2.       Sailing, Cape Horn, Chile.
  • 3.       Ice Marathon, Antarctica – the marathon is programmed to start between 19 – 23 November, but it depends very much on the weather
  • 4.       Swimming, Sporades Isles, Greece – what do you say to an average 5 km /day of swimming?
  • 5.       Climbing Mount Baker on snowboard or skis, Washington, USA.
  • 6.       Kayaking, Kamchatka, Russia – for this adventure you need to have some experience.
  • 7.       The mountains in China are truly special and we can’t deny that! Let’s remember the rainbow mountains, for example. So of course among the recommandations for 2014 we find Rock Climbing, Yangshuo, China. And you can even attend the november rock climbing festival.
  • 8.      Whitewater rafting, Mosquito Coast, Honduras – after rafting, you can also do some snorkelling on an isolated island.
  • 9.       Stand-up paddleboarding, Dominican Republic – the best time to go is between May and September, but tours are organised throughout the year.
  • 10.   Travel by horse and cart, Myanmar/Burma – something that is less extreme and everyone could enjoy. Even the faint-hearted.

vang vieng d3 blue lagoon

Where do you plan to go this year and what is your favorite adventure/which appeals to you the most?
I must confess I’m planning an adventure too. Maybe it’s in this list, or maybe not! What do you think? Would you care to take a guess?

IMG_1283 copy

Up until now, I’ve done/planned on doing:
–          Bungee jumping – and I want to do it again
–          Skydiving
–          Learn to ski or snowboard (preety soon)
–          Went alone on a trip by train through Europe
–          Wandered through Asia for almost two months
–          I left without knowing were – in the Vivolis adventure
–          I went to Rome for one day
–          I went to London to see a football match
–          I had a car crash but that didn’t stop me (the car was 100% damaged)
–          And many more… I won’t bore you now
–          I stand on building edges, rocks, etc…just for the rush
–          And probably one of the coolest things – I climbed a tree to jump from higher into a lagoon 🙂
Come on! Your favorite adventure for 2014 is…

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