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Stuff about India: prices, safety and info

I headed for India having only: A 10 kg backpack (including the 4 books I carried almost for nothing) A laptop that broke along the way. Fortunately, it didn’t break for good, it still works, but it’s obvious that it’s time for me to find a more practical solution for my adventures. Smaller, harder to break A 16-300 mm lens from F64, which was very useful and I...

Is India wonderful or not?

I’m just asking. I’ve been wanting to get to India for quite some time, I got my plane tickets, I’m almost there. Almost…. because India seems to be some sort of fairytale hero who has to overcome different obstacles in order to complete his quest. From “they’ll rape you on the street”, to “they’re incredibly stinky, dirty and disgusting” to “go to Ferentari, it’s...