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Daniel Castle Hotel – stay in a 17th century romanian castle

„Daniel Castle” Hotel is a wonderful place with a special story! Time stood still here, the paintings on the walls are still there, even if 10 years ago this place was an abandoned ruin!
The „Daniel Castle” was built in Covasna in the 17th Century. Unfortunately, over the years, the place was used as a granary and eventually abandoned. If you ever get to Covasna, you should definitely check out Hotel „Daniel Castle”! Pro Tip: it’s just a one-hour drive from Brasov, and the area is full of hidden gems.

If you’re wondering how an abandoned building got to be a beautiful hotel, I’ll tell you the story!

Hotel Castel Daniel 7

Lilla and Attila Racz were saving money to buy an apartment. The hard-working couple had dreams of owning their own place in Bucharest, but they found this old building and decided to buy it!
They spent a lot of money buying it, but even more restoring it. Of course it was a though and expensive challenge so they had to access some European funds.
When I was there, I had the pleasure of staying in Constantinople Room, one of the finest in the hotel! The walls still have on them the original paintings from the 17th Century, which withstood the test of time. The room is separated from the bathroom only by a simple curtain, so I was very careful when I took a shower, I didn’t want to be the one who destroys a 300 year old painting :). But I didn’t ruin it, it’s still there and guests can still admire it!

Hotel Castel Daniel 6

The rooms of Daniel Castle Hotel

The rest of the rooms have unique stories also. For example, one of the rooms used to be the entrance gate. Another room has the family crest (a swan) carved in stone, there’s even a wooden bathtub in another one.

Hotel Castel Daniel 4

Hotel Castel Daniel 2

Hotel Castel Daniel 1

How to get to Daniel Castle Hotel

You can find all the information you need on their Facebook page, website & tripadvisorThe hotel is in Talisoara, at number 215 on the main street.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, I’ll let you go there and find out on your own about this charming place and it’s stories directly from the owners.
A double room is around 100 Euros/night and smoking is forbidden inside the hotel.

To restore a 17th Century Castle and turn it into a hotel, when all you wanted was an apartment in Bucharest? That’s crazy! But beautiful crazy!

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