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From Vienna to Prague

I didn’t go #bytrain but by bus. It was much more convenient and easier.

I admit, I had a hard time waking up :). As I said before, I’m not a morning person and I’m used to waking up with baby talk and coffee :).

Luckily I got on time at the bus station and the road was like this:

Photo 25.12.2013, 17 21 04 (1)


Photo 25.12.2013, 12 15 39

Photo 25.12.2013, 12 15 46

Photo 25.12.2013, 12 15 47

Photo 25.12.2013, 12 17 23


In Prague I stayed at Plus Prague Hostel, where I paid 6 euro per night and the hostel had a pool! It can’t get any better than this! Overall, the stay was ok, but their boiler broke and not all radiators worked. The first night they gave us electric heaters, but power consumption was too high so the fuse broke. The next night they limited the number of heaters so I was a little cold. But I get it: it’s a problem that they couldn’t manage so fast. There were workers even on Christmas Day trying to solve it, the hostel staff bought extra blankets and quilts, the breakfast was free of charge, and they were all trying to please their guests. The staff was very nice, and that’s why, if I ever come back to Prague, or in any other city where they have a location open, I would stay in their hostel. Why??? Because they are SUPER COOL! (that, and the fact that they give you every information you need).

And they’re trustworthy. I left my backpack all day in their storage room and I had no problem! When I came back, it hadn’t been moved, touched, nothing. (Yes, I’m a little freak and I left some signs! – And now you know)

Photo 25.12.2013, 17 32 48

Photo 25.12.2013, 17 33 14

Photo 25.12.2013, 17 36 04

Photo 25.12.2013, 17 30 52 (1)

And the rooms are large and spacious and they have a pool and a sauna!


So I went to explore Prague! I didn’t show you that many pictures, and I will keep you guessing :).

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