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I went to Rome and want to come back for at least 4-5 days

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I went on a brief trip to Rome for a press conference, a city tour, some shopping (yeeey, I found an awesome, cheap, pair of jeans) and for some coffee. We took off shortly after 6 AM and landed back in Bucharest little before midnight, being the last plane that landed on Otopeni that night. We had a „crosswinds landing”. It was the first time I experienced a landing in such conditions. The wings were shaking and everyone around me seemed a little concerned. In my pure ignorance, I was just enjoying it :).

This is how we landed in Rome.


I „stole” 2 pictures in Rome.
Photo-24.01.2014-09-51-15  Photo-24.01.2014-09-54-46-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-09-57-25-1024x1024

And this is how we took off at 5 in the morning from Bucharest.

Photo-24.01.2014-07-12-57-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-07-50-54-1024x1024

In Rome, there were high chances of rain, the sun was showing it’s face from time to time… the weather overall was ok. 11 degrees Celsius – not bad – considering that Facebook’s newsfeed was full of statuses about snow and bad weather.
Before we went on the guided city tour, I took some more nice photos.

Photo-24.01.2014-12-59-38-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-13-01-34-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-10-38-08-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-10-38-40-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-10-41-07-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-12-45-58-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-12-46-31-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-12-58-40-1024x1024

I also learned valuable lessons on the streets of Rome.

photo-24-1024x1024  photo-14-1024x1024

And we went on the tour. I assure you, I’m positive! Rome is awesome! And it’s very nice this time of year, when there aren’t many tourists.

Photo-24.01.2014-13-12-39-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-13-08-071-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-13-09-531-1024x1024


So now we come to my favorite part of the story. At the famous fountain, the one and only, the superstition goes like this:
  • If you want luck, you throw a penny
  • If you want to do it proper, you throw it with your right hand, over your left shoulder
  • To fall in love, throw 2 pennies
  • To get married, 3
  • To get a divorce, 4

When you get to Rome, you now what to do! Right hand over left shoulder, the appropiate amount of pennies.
So.. Rome is beautiful…inside and out…little puzzle pieces that fit togheter through authenticity and tradition, through all sorts of ice cream flavours, from which you can find it hard to choose.



For me, Rome falls into the category of slow cities. You don’t run around trying to see everything. In Rome, you enjoy, you taste, you absorb it’s energy…

If you want a good real coffee in Rome, this is one of the recommended places.


Photo-24.01.2014-14-29-47-1024x1024  Photo-24.01.2014-14-28-27-1024x1024

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