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An American falls in love with a Canadian in Cesky Krumlov

I told you many times that I left this place with a lot of stories. One better than the other! I’ll start in the order that I heard them, and for you to get a feel of why everything is even more fascinating, I’ll tell you a bit about my story too.

Yes, this article is about an american woman and a canadian man, but the way I found out about this story is cute! I think that destiny brought me here. So far, I don’t know what for, but I’ll probably find out in the future!

So there I was in Vienna for Christmas and a hostel roommate recommended I visit Cesky Krumlov. I googled it, the bus tickets weren’t expensive, I looked for a place to stay, everything was ok. When I got to Prague, the first thing I did was have lunch at Burger King (I was super hungry, it was delightful), but after I was getting rather full – halfway through the meal – I bought the tickets. All that was left for me to do was find a place to stay. The options were plentiful and pretty cheap…

Eventually, I didn’t make a reservation that evening. Later, when I went on hostel bookers, there were only 2 or 3 B&B’s with available rooms left. After I wrote another article, chit-chatted with different people, there were only 2 places with available rooms left, and one of them was 40 Euros/night. So, Krumlov House was the hand of destiny and not my choice.

krumlov house hostel

The cute story of the couple. Carolyn moved here from Cambridge when she was 24. She decided to take a break from a relationship that was going nowhere. She felt the need to discover herself without having a man around. Instead of that, she fell in love with a guy from Canada, probably the only english speaking person in Cesky Krumlov at that time. She went back home, left everything behind and came back to the Czech Republic. She and Cal got married a year later and have been running a hostel and raising their 2 boys in peace and harmony ever since.
Carolyn’s thoughts about the city: It’s a city that changes everyone’s plans. It basically changes everyone’s itinerary and makes them want to shift their direction pretty quickly! There’s this harmony between the city and the way the river flows through it, with it’s unexpected turns…
Mister Zukowski, Cal, is an artist and a carpenter… At the time he met his soon-to-be-wife, he was putting together the final pieces of his riverbank hostel. Carolyn was his number 10 guest. By the end of her 2 weeks stay in Cesky, she had already fallen in love with the city, but also with Cal and his old house (400 years old). It took her only a month to quit her job, break up with her boyfriend and come back to Cesky Krumlov where she found a job as a teacher at a nearby university.
They went on living in a room in the old house, while renting the other room and even sold beer through the window to those who were passing by in their boats, on the river.
I miss this place. Carolyn is right… you unknowingly get attached to this city. You get attached to the people and their nice stories, the streets, the things you felt or realised while you were here.
I got attached some much to all those things and the magic that surrounded me… I want to go back! I like to feel everything I felt there!

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