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Un job de vis te asteapta in Norvegia

Pozele pe care le faci ar putea sa iti aduca job-ul pe care l-ai visat.

Cei de la DreamJobbing au postat un anunt pentru un job de fotograf.

Visit Norway is looking for someone to travel to scenic Norway and embark on an experience like no other as their Photojournalist!

For two weeks this summer, you will travel through some of Norway’s most stunning landscapes: through fjords, past cascading waterfalls, valleys and majestic mountains.

You will visit vibrant cities, quaint villages and towns, and explore a coastline like nothing you have seen before.

And in Norway, there’s no shortage of inspiring adventure options! From kayaking, glacier walking, and summer skiing on glaciers in the famous fjord Norway region, to treetop climbing and zip lining at Oslo Summerpark, just a few minutes outside the city center, you’ll have a chance to experience it all!

And for some additional fun, you will go on the longest running paddle steamer „Skilbadner” on Lake Mjøsa.

Suna interesant? Hell YES!

Ce nu imi e clar e daca se adreseaza fix celor din US si atat sau daca pur si simplu au omis ca ar putea sa fie si altii interesati?

Chosen applicant will receive:

  • Round trip airfare from the U.S. to Norway with Norwegian Airlines.

  • Accommodations

  • Per-diem

Si ca sa ne fie si mai clar cam cat de frumos e in Norvegia (si scump) si cam ce ar putea sa ne astepte (intentionez sa ma inscriu), cateva poze de pe Shutterstock.

Sunt curioasa cine o sa fie castigatorul.

P.s. – This job is open to anyone in the world!

dream job norvegia

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