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Villa Epecuen

There’s a place in Argentina, not far from Buenos Aires, that is now abandoned. But get this! It used to be a tourist village until 1985, when it started to flood, and by 1993 it was completely evacuated.

Since then, the water level dropped and curious tourists began venturing into this mysterious deserted place! These pictures are from 2011, but I just recently stumbled upon them. The name of the photographer is Juan Mabromata.

villa epecuen 4

villa epecuen 2

Because of the salted water, everything natural dried out and every bit of metal rusted.

villa epecuen 3

You know I am a fan of abandoned places. If going to Pryapit is a bit risky at this time, this place is safe and the story is not that sad, nobody was hurt, everyone got out of there unharmed, the place was deserted.
The town now has a sole resident, Pablo Novak, who returned to his home in 2009 when the waters receded after covering the town for 25 years. What is he doing there, how does he live, I can’t say. All I found was this picture that doesn’t explain much, and an article about him. I liked the comparison to Pompei, although in this case there is a survivor who can tell you all about what happened.

villa epecuen 5

I’ll put Villa Epecuen on my list and hope to meet this guy someday and find out more about this fascinating story.
All pictures are from here!

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