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Traveling couples – positive aspects from traveling the world together

They say a vacation can work wonders in a couple’s life, no vacations can affect a relationship, while a nomad’s life may or may not suit everyone. Let’s see how is it to be one of those traveling couples?

I wasn’t that surprised to be asked how does my boyfriend put up with my frequent travels, Piatra Neamt, Cannes, my solo trip to India, just to name a few.
I stand by my opinion that traveling is the best thing for a relationship. Sometimes it strengthens it, other times it helps to spend some time apart just to miss each other and to be more passionate about each other. Other times it can show you how much you have (or not) in common.


Common passions

Each member of the traveling couples understands the fact that both of them need to develop personally while seeing the world together. We also travel separately, but we had our best trips together!

calatorie in cuplu 3

Traveling helps communication

Studies have shown that traveling couples often have less fights, and traveling itself helps them in being more understanding towards each other.



This article explains a lot about the subject. Solitary travel is sometimes good for a relationship, because, as Axel Rose said it: „Everybody needs some time on their own”. Every couple needs moments of brief detachment, everyone can benefit from traveling alone. It makes your senses sharper, you can live at your own whim for a short while and maybe find some inspiration. And when you get back, the passion for each other will be stronger.


You could learn that stargazing in the middle of the desert could be a million times more romantic than any Eiffel Tower and that watching a sunset in the arms of each other could be more valuable than all the fancy dinners in the world!
And it’s nice discovering the simple things, the closeness and intimacy and the feeling that you are safe anywhere, anytime as long as your together.

calatorie in cuplu 5


Traveling couples who stay on the road together for a longer period of time learn to become better at supporting each other. Their worlds are in complete balance, because let’s be honest: it’s impossible to travel the world together with someone you don’t consider a friend.
Traveling helps you find out which kind of company you prefer, and when two people are and think the same, the relationship is bound to become stronger.


And last but not least, it’s wonderful to discover freedom together!
I strongly advise you to travel with the one you love as often as you can! It will help you in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. Even if you discover you’re not that compatible, it’s still a good thing! Time is the most precious friend! Travel often with the one you love and discover things about you!
Travel & love, love to travel!


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