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Travel checklist

For those of you who don’t go shopping without having a list, the super organised type, and especially for those of you who always like to make a checklist before going on a trip, I found the perfect solution, which you’ll definitely love – travels checklist!

If you keep forgetting important things at home or if you like to keep track of things you need to do, this is for you! Simple and useful.

In a few simple steps, after filling out some information about who’s traveling, where, what kind of activities are planned, etc, you get a personalized packing list, travel tips, information and so on.

So I gave it a try: Man and woman (no babies) traveling to Mongolia for a short backpacking trip and this is what I got:

lista pentru mongolia

Travel checklist will generate a list of things you might need to do before you go (check your passport, check the weight of your luggage, empty the trash, etc) but also a packing list, which you can modify, add or remove things.

packing list for mongolia

I like that it also gives you some information regarding the chosen destination, for example tips for traveling with babies.

Sfaturi pentru zborurile cu copiii

Hope it helps.

foto – Shutterstock

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