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Help us make a small dream come true! We want to take care of the Duli Beach Resort while the owners are traveling

I will try to keep it short. We started our trip in Palawan (one of the most amazing places on Earth – watch our video here), one of the places where we would looove to live (at least for a short while, because we don’t have the money to move there just yet).

A few days ago we noticed that the guys from Duli Beach (watch the interview) are looking for someone to manage their resort in July and August. It would be like a dream come true if they pick us!

Yes, we sent them our CVs and now the ball is in their court, but we’re not just going to wait; we came up with the idea that with a little help from you guys, we can tip the balance in our favor (or at least we can try and we can be happy that we tried everything in our power)!

So our idea is like this:

I want them to know just how much we want this! I don’t want them to feel bad if they choose somebody else, obviously it’s their decision, and we DO understand that they have lots of people applying.

Thank you sooo much and fingers crossed! Oh, how awesome it would be to live their life for a while, experience everything that comes with managing a resort on a beautiful beach and test the possibility of moving to Palawan and starting a small business there (to be more specific, we are dreaming of opening an awesome hostel with a cool bar, but this dream is really far away from us now).

Travel & love, love to travel!

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