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Swiss Lanna Lodge Chiang Mai – you will love this place

When we first arrived at Swiss Lanna Lodge, we were exhausted, having spent 2 and a half hours stuck in traffic in Bangkok and then another 9-10 hours on the bus to Chiang Mai!

Fortunately, we were greeted with friendly smiles and ice tea, and as soon as we saw the house, the garden and the hammocks, we realised this was going to be one of our favorite places in our journey through Asia!

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-10_1280x720

Swiss lanna lodge_1280x720

Swiss Lanna Lodge has 7 rooms, from simple doubles or triples with private or shared bathroom to a beautiful honeymoon room with a jacuzzi outside (Pasha Room). We stayed in 3 of the 7 and felt great in all of them! You can easily see the passion with which Toto and her family decorated the wooden,  Lanna style house.

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Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-21_1280x720

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-13_1280x720

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-15_1280x720

The family room and Pasha Room, both on the ground floor, have bathrooms outside, which we really liked.

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-24_1280x720

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-36_1280x720

Fun fact

From the 13th to 18th centuries, Lanna (Kingdom of a million rice fields) was an Indianized state centered in Northern Thailand, today part of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China.

Houses made out of teak wood and built elevated from the ground to protect from flooding during the wet season are particular to Lanna architecture.

Aside from the 7 rooms which successfully combine traditional and modern elements, Swiss Lanna Lodge also offers:

– a nice terrace upstairs where you can relax, do Yoga, nap or share stories with other travelers;
– a garden with hammocks;
– small restaurant where you can have breakfast
– bikes and motorbikes for rent
– a lot of joy and a friendly atmosphere

I can go as far as to say we felt like we were part of a family!

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-17_1280x720

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-8_1280x720

Swiss lanna lodge chiang mai-40_1280x720

Aside from the design of the house, the friendliness, happiness and helpfulness of the people here are what sets this accommodation apart from all the others!

Another great thing about this place is that it’s located in a very quiet area, outside of the Old City walls, there are some places nearby where you can eat, and you can easily get to the center by bike, motorbike or tuk-tuk.

If you ever get to Chiang Mai, I strongly recommend you start your adventure at Swiss Lanna Lodge, relax here for a few days and forget that you’re just passing by, imagine you’ve been here your whole life.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, website and Agoda.

Travel & love, love to travel!


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