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Where to do your laundry in Chiang Mai (at coin operated machines)

So we arrived in Chiang Mai after traveling around less known beaches and islands in Thailand and we discovered we have to do our laundry. Most of our clothes were dirty and the ideea of paying 30 to 50 baht per kilo wasn’t what we had in mind.

We started searching for coin operated washing machines in Chiang Mai and discovered this can really be a quest. Forums and Trip Advisor were sending us to places long closed now.

For all the travelers that want to do their own laundry in Chiang Mai. Here is where you can find the place where we went.

The coin operated laundry service is located on Chaiyapoom Road, next to Amora Hotel, just North of Tha Phae Gate (East gate).

As you might know by now, the streets parallel to the moat are one-way, so the easiest way to get there is to get to Tha Phae Gate, head north until the first intersection, where you make a U-turn, and just as you cross the moat, the laundromat will be on the left side.

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coin operated washing machine chiang mai 6_1280x688

I know I circled a restaurant, but there, on the corner, you will find the laundry room and next to it a conveniently placed massage studio. Let your laundry wash while you indulge yourself with an hour of relaxation!

They have a Facebook page, with last updates since 2013.


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