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Instagram! My best photos from our first month in Thailand and amazing accounts to follow

A while ago I made a list with my best photos from our first part of this amazing roller-coaster of being a digital nomad (you can read it here). Today I decided to show you the pictures from my Instagram account that got the most attention during our first month in Thailand.

If you are using a Samsung phone and have an awesome instagram account, leave it here in the comments section. I love discovering new, surprising and unique instagram accounts and you get a chance to be featured!

Because of the heat we decided to visit the beaches first. We skipped the crowded ones and went to places less known. Fortunately we discovered some amazing landscapes. We went to the following islands

So here are my top 5 instagram photos from our first month in Thailand





Bonus – this picture

Extra bonus for all the instagram lovers out there – recommendations of awesome Instagram accounts with simply drooling and to die for places, experiences and ofc, photos!

We are using Samsung S6 and Samsung Note Edge! Most of the accounts listed are Samsung users & lovers themselves!


femaletravel bloggers instagram_1280x720

justinpluslauren instagram_1280x735

dumisarts instagram_1280x731

worldwonderlust instagram_1280x650

femme travel instagram_1280x737

prin lume instagram_1280x690

voyaging vagabond instagram_1280x736

As you can see I do not list only big instagram accounts, in fact I appreciate a lot looking of pictures from normal people, see them grow and improve their instagram photos!

Travel & love, love to travel! 

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