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Reasons why I love Asia

I love Asia for a lot of reasons. Many of them related probably with the thrills. Have pacience and discover seven reasons why I love Asia!

1. Landscapes

Woow! Then even more wow! Desert, palm trees, heavenly beaches, lagoons, crystal clear water, corals, jungles full of wildlife, ancient temples, you name it! It’s insane, Asia has them all!

Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka-19_1024x578

yazd and Chak Chak-109_1200x800

sri lanka day 4-326_1600x903

I love Asia and every new encounter makes me love it even more!
You can find my stories from Asia here. Sri Lanka, Iran, India. If you have any questions, you know how to reach me.

2. Food

Spicy, flavored, lots of vegetables! You can have pancakes with vegetables, doughnuts with vegetables, everything with vegetables! And lots of cheap and tasty fish.

Beijing 32 mancare

Beijing 33 mancare

3. Weather

It’s hot and nice! Preferably near some water: a lagoon, a lake, the ocean, whatever. There’s no point in having this beautiful weather if you’re „trapped” in a big city. At least that’s the way I see it.

el nido laguna 2

Apus Sri Lanka Unawatuna -7_1200x800

4. People

Asians never cease to amaze me with their friendliness and hospitality! Starting with Iranians which are by far the most eager to help, and finishing with Filipinos, which always smile and seem happy! You won’t hear „it can’t be done”! Even if it can’t!

India Varanasi rasarit-347_1200x800

India Jaipur-1_1200x800

India (7 of 40)_800x533

India (2 of 40)_800x533

Honda bay filipine 13

5. Wildlife

In Sri Lanka you can see the wild elephants roaming freely in the jungle, in the Philippines the fish are always near you when you swim in the ocean, India is full of monkeys and cows and the list can go on forever.

hona bay filipine 15 India Varanasi rasarit-388_1200x800

India (73 of 117)_800x533

6. Dirt cheap prices

Asia is a traveler’s paradise. With the exception of tourist attractions, almost everything is cheaper than in every other country in the world: food, accommodation, transport, etc! 

7. Diversity

I traveled a lot in Asia and in Europe. I haven’t figured out yet why it’s harder to start a conversation with a stranger in Europe, the fact is that in Asia people are more open to interacting with each other. I met all kinds of people, from all over the world, each of them with unique stories! An Australian retired in Laos, a Dutch couple in Iran and many many others! In Asia you feel like you’re in an international camp!

roadtrip in iran-146_1280x853

persepolis Iran

Iran 1-186_1600x1067

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and travel around Asia for an amazing experience!

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