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Balloon flight in Cappadocia

In Cappadocia we took a flight with Sultan Balloons. I think that every experience is different so this is how mine was. Also I found out that there are over 30 companies that can offer you a balloon flight in Cappadocia! More, the investment for such a business is huge! What do you have to know about Sultan Balloons?  First they are recommended by Lonely Planet...

Balloon flight in Cappadocia with Sultan Balloons

Not enough time for details. Cappadocia has a lot of things to show us but clearly this is something you do not see every day… unless you are a balloon pilot… or you live in Cappadocia :). This was our balloon flight with Sultan Balloons, Cappadocia. Now 2-3 pictures and short stories. The morning started like this Than everything become so beautiful...