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Balloon flight in Cappadocia with Sultan Balloons

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Not enough time for details. Cappadocia has a lot of things to show us but clearly this is something you do not see every day… unless you are a balloon pilot… or you live in Cappadocia :). This was our balloon flight with Sultan Balloons, Cappadocia.

Now 2-3 pictures and short stories.

The morning started like this

Photo-04.05.2013-05-31-59-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-05-28-15-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-05-28-32-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-05-28-50-1024x1024

Than everything become so beautiful! Hard to explain, just look at the pictures!

Photo-04.05.2013-05-51-52-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-07-03-46-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-06-52-17-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-06-49-20-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-06-43-15-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-06-07-58-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-06-42-59-1024x1024

Photo-04.05.2013-05-59-29-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-06-24-14-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-05-53-15-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-05-55-38-1024x1024  At the end we even got champaine and a diploma!

Photo-04.05.2013-07-23-57-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-07-33-07-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-07-36-49  Photo-04.05.2013-07-43-13-1024x1024

Than we chased the balloons for the ground for more great pictures! Thank you Sultan Balloons for your kindness!

Photo-04.05.2013-08-08-06-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-08-03-16-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-07-57-14-1024x1024  Photo-04.05.2013-07-44-16  Photo-04.05.2013-10-22-51-1024x1024

More details will be coming right up!


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