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Cesky Krumlov – the medieval city that I fell in love with

Love takes many forms. One stranger than the other! Sometimes it’s a cute bunny, other times it’s a woman or a man … I was hopelessly in love with a city: Cesky Krumlov. What is so impressive about this city? Maybe it’s the fact that it hasn’t changed since the 18th century, or perhaps because the river Vltava runs through it nice and smoothly, enclosing the city.

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov 2Cesky Krumlov 3

I was amazed by the fact that although it’s a small town, it has a very active nightlife. Basically it is a small town, cute, romantic but active.
Unfortunately I left my backpack and the chargers (again) at the hostel in Prague so the photos were taken ​​with my phones.
And unfortunately tonight technology hates me a bit, but I’m not giving up. It is the 3rd time I try to publish this article and something goes wrong 🙂 …
Let’s get back to the point. Narrow streets and medieval music, low prices for accommodation, sunshine and friendly people. How could you not love this city?
I stayed at a hostel in Cesky too – Krumlov House –  and I liked it a lot!

Cesky Krumlov Krumlov House2013-12-26 15.56.08Krumlov House 2Krumlov House 3

And I don’t regret it. I basked in a comfortable chair perfect for reading a book or the news from back home.
In the evening I wandered the city from one end to the other.

Photo 26.12.2013, 17 54 42Photo 26.12.2013, 17 59 55Photo 26.12.2013, 18 00 54

Photo 26.12.2013, 18 29 26Photo 26.12.2013, 18 17 50Photo 26.12.2013, 18 23 06Photo 26.12.2013, 18 23 46Photo 26.12.2013, 18 24 55Photo 26.12.2013, 18 25 08Photo 26.12.2013, 18 29 18

Photo 26.12.2013, 18 43 44Photo 26.12.2013, 18 46 13Photo 26.12.2013, 18 40 27Photo 26.12.2013, 18 41 45

2013-12-26 17.05.252013-12-26 17.03.482013-12-26 17.04.39

2013-12-26 17.26.242013-12-26 17.20.562013-12-26 18.04.34

Sorry! Not the finest pictures but they were taken with my phone and at night. As a bonus, I uploaded some daytime photos.
Tonight I met these wonderful people that I will tell you more about  very soon!

The story goes on & this article is written from Samsung Notebook 9. If you wish you can also check their Facebook page Samsung Romania.

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