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Why everyone should travel alone from time to time

  • Because that makes us better people, with more self-confidence!
  • And because you meet wonderful people that you wouldn’t be able to get to know if you were travelling with another person! Examples? I have a lot and I will talk about each and everyone of them in future articles. However, the most interesting person that you can find when you travel alone, is probably you!


  • Go alone on a trip just for the feeling of absolute freedom! When you travel, you are more open to change and tend to embrace it, and that’s one of the best parts. No need to accommodate the needs of anyone else. Just yours. You don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry and nobody tells you to keep walking if you’re already tired. You and only you set the limits! Because you’re alone, free, in a a new place! Damn! Ditch the map! Take the empty streets, discover the parts of town little known by tourists, get lost and find your way back without a map! (That’s what I did and I came across the Romanian Culture Institute in Vienna).


  • Overcome your fears!

Yes, it’s late, it’s Christmas and in the Vienna subway at 8-9 in the evening there are only dubious people left. Normal people, even tourists (well, most of them anyway) are already in places with Christmas trees, exchanging gifts. Yes, you can get a little scared when you see another drug addict and another romanian beggar. They seem dangerous and the fact that you read a book in Romanian might not help. Maybe you’re afraid but you have no reasons! You just have to be cautious.

Or maybe you’re just afraid of being alone. What better way to fight the dragons than walking alone on a journey.

  • Embrace the feeling of being alone, enjoy the silence and especially let the brave person inside of you show it’s face!

Forget fear! You are a strong person! Congratulations! You just crossed another line!

  • Talk to yourself and fall in love with yourself! Isn’t that what everybody says? That we must love ourselves in order to be loved? You can do this at home, of course! No one can guarantee that taking a trip by yourself will give you that self-love that we all need… but maybe you’ll appreciate yourself more and this is a big step forward!

Discover who you are and what you love to do. Many of us live under the impression that we already know these things. We have no idea! Often we’re somehow dragged by certain circumstances, by friends in some activities … that we don’t always enjoy!

  • Draw a new ‘you’

A „you” with less fears! A “you” like you want it and see it. Whether it’s a character that you put on paper or you may even manage to change as a person in real life… Do whatever you like! Figure That Out!

  • Leave everything behind

Family, friends … everyone. All the pressure you feel at times. Now it’s just you! Go! Don’t think about problems and situations … don’t deepen yourself in things that aren’t meaningful to you. Don’t worry about bills, responsibilities, issues … Leave everything behind!

Most times the solutions to our dilemmas don’t come to us when we think more intensely about them but rather when we get them out of our mind! It often happened to me in high school to not be able to solve a problem, to fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night having the solution in my head! Or surely you had a lapse, but  remembered the exact name you are looking for when you stopped thinking about it!

Sometimes the brain needs to get rid of old thoughts to make room for new thoughts, better thoughts!

Have a great year, a clean year!


These are some of the things I found out #incautareacraciunului, but many more are yet to come!

The story goes on & this article is written from Samsung Notebook 9. If you wish you can also check their Facebook page Samsung Romania.

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