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Prague and people and food and street singers and the city-feel

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Sometimes you end up in places which you feel you could call “home”. Maybe because they have bridges that look beautiful in the moonlight, or maybe because there are so many tree-lights and they seem like an enchanted forest. Some places seem like home because they bring back old memories… and for a short period of time, they can trick you into thinking that for a little while, you were happy here.

Or there are places like Prague that treat your anxiety with chocolate!




DSC_0010-1024x685  DSC_0001-1024x685  DSC_0006-1024x685

And beautiful buildings


Streets full of people and carolers that give you a warm and pleasant feeling.

DSC_0031-1024x685  DSC_0022-1024x685  DSC_0024-1024x685

And castles and trees that make you start dreaming about immortal fairytales!


DSC_0068-1024x685  DSC_00581-685x1024  DSC_0059-1024x685  DSC_0065-1024x685

That’s the feeling that Prague gave me. I was surrounded with warm people and a nice fair, a loooot of food and unexpected surprises.

DSC_0084-1024x685  DSC_0070-1024x685  DSC_0073-1024x685  DSC_0074-1024x685  DSC_0082-1024x685

DSC_0095-1024x685  DSC_0094-1024x685  DSC_0143-1024x685  DSC_0118-1024x685  DSC_0121-1024x685  DSC_0122-1024x685  DSC_0125-1024x685  DSC_0131-1024x685  DSC_0136-1024x685  DSC_0140-1024x685

The city of time, the city of watches gave me more time!

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