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What I learned travelling

All this travel has it’s purpose. I feel I’ve learned and I’m still learning a lot from my travels… I learn about myself and the people around me! A few lessons so far:
  • 1.       Trust people.
  • 2.       Understand that I can’t control everything and sometimes it’s better to go with the flow

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  • 3.       Don’t believe every cliche or preconceived idea, search deeper.
  • 4.       Make my own decision about what I like or dislike. There are some awesome trips and there are some trips that you would like to be different. I’m more attracted to remote places than big cities (although they fascinate me as well).
  • 5.       Most places are safe, or at least as safe as back home.
  • 6.       You can spend the same amount of money (or even less) on the road as back home.
  • 7.     You need very few things. Everything that makes the backpack heavier than it already is, makes your life harder! There’s no point in carrying a lot of stuff with you, you can find stuff everywhere.
  • 8.      Travelling on the long run doesn’t mean you’re in a vacation, it’s like a whole new job. There are some people who like to build rocket ships, others are good at sports…. we each have a skill… I think mine is to wander around the world.


  • 9.       It lies within your power to help others, and at the same time it’s in theirs to help you. Some sort of karma… But not really J.
  • 10.   There is a huge difference between tourists and travelers. The tourist pays money for already packaged experiences. He consumes them and then gets back to his life… The traveler wants more than those experiences. He wants to see, to get a real feel of the place..
  • 11.    It’s not so bad to travel alone. Sometimes it’s really good.
  • 12.    After a while, you get used to moving from one place to another.. You get sick of your closet and end up not having one (like me, for instance). I feel I have too many clothes and I’m too lazy to sort them out. I own too many useless crap.. I’m not bored of my home, nor other houses, but I don’t have a problem with changing the scenery and the bed that I sleep in.
  • 13.    Travelling will not get travelling out of your system. It’s not like you’re going to say: „I’m leaving for 2 days and that’s it.. I will not want to get out of the house for a month or two. No! The more you travel, the more you want to do it more. It’s like sugar, sex, cigarettes, drugs – it becomes crazy addictive.
  • 14.    If you love adrenaline, you’ll get enough on the road. Either natural, either from all those theme parks we find around the world.
  • 15.    Long-term happiness is a complicated and deceptive concept and it has little to do with the money you make and more with the satisfaction that you get from doing what you do and earning what you earn – whether we’re talking about money or other spiritual benefits.
  • 16.    You can work and travel at the same time. You just need some discipline and planning.
  • 17.    When everything becomes too much, it’s a clear sign you need to head back home. There’s no point in lingering any longer. Long travels are not for everyone and after all, they don’t need to be!

What is the best thing you learned travelling? 

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