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Romania Hostel Map – Cluj – The Spot hostel

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Moving along the romanian hostels map, we stop at Cluj. I love this city so much, I would move here tomorrow! So I had to find a hostel that would raise my expectations even higher and make me want to come back as soon as possible!

And I found it: The Spot Cosy Hostel.

 Having been recently open, it’s already awesome!
They caught my eye from the first google search, and after I went there, I decided it’s one of the best hostels I’ve ever been to. They’re cheerful and welcoming, and their imagination comes to life through crayons and colors, paints and brushes.

 Some people call a hostel “a spot”. We call the Spot a hostel.

There are people who like hostels so much, they would visit a certain city just for the hostel. I have some of them on my list too. And given the fact that Cluj is the European Capital of Youth since the 1st of January, The Spot has a great chance to make it into the “must see” list this year!

Where can you find them?

 In Cluj, 14 Iulie Street, at no. 25.

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What I liked?



The way the place is designed


The funny rules

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Their attention for details

“We were looking for a place for a year and a half, we saw a lot of places, especially downtown, but the problem was that downtown we couldn’t find a house with a backyard, unlike here, where we have 800 sq m, and a total of 1020 sq m. The backyard was mandatory, we weren’t going to make any compromise, we wanted a place where you can relax, let your dog run free (if you have one, we have 2 dogs and 3 cats, which get along very well). That’s why we insisted on having a backyard, which is going to be cozy, also.”

-From “All about the hostel” interview-


They also have a generous lounge with a lot of fun activities: puzzle games, playstation, comic books, board games, and their two dogs: Frank and Eco. Funny thing, before I got there, I had just put on my “to have” list a cute labrador.




Cleanliness and friendliness. Not only did they welcome me and greet me with a big smile, they were also kind enough to tell me all about the story of The Spot Cozy Hostel, their ambitions and future plans!

I’m telling you, I had a great time while I was there, I felt like home. Hot water, spacious showers, welcoming people, a nice kitchen where you can find tea, fresh coffee, fruit, cereals and all kinds of other goodies, and let’s not forget beer (Ursus, we support romanian brands).

What is there to be improved:

Maybe more hangers in the rooms and in the shower.

It was a bit chilly (but then again it was freezing outside, -20 degrees Celsius).

There’s no smoking area inside (I know, for a lot of people this would be a plus, but I’m a smoker so I shouldn’t complain about that).

As I said, it’s a new place, and the guys there are very open to new ideas that would improve the hostel. If you stop by, feel free to make any suggestion and who knows, maybe they will put it into practise!

As soon as summer comes, they’ll have the backyard ready (a nice relaxing place), and many more surprises, which I can’t talk about at this moment. I’d rather let them do it!

Anyway, they got me hooked. I’ll have two beautiful relaxing weekends at my second home this summer: The Spot Cozy Hostel!


You’ll find more hostel reviews in the “Hostel” category. If you have a hostel in mind, either tell me all about it and I’ll write an article, either I’ll put it in the “must see” recommendations!

Let’s draw a map of all the hostels in Romania and in the world! 😉


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