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Best destinations in Europe depending on the season

I’ve been working on this for quite some time and initially I was hoping to be able to write an article about destinations all over the world, but I gave up that plan so now I’m taking it step by step. I’ll start with Europe depending on the season.
Europe is a pretty big continent and the climate can be very different across it, nevertheless here are some basic guidelines.

What are the best periods for travelling in Europe?

I wrote an article some time ago in which I was telling you I don’t like to travel in August. Basically, in Europe there are two seasons:
– June – September – High season
– November – March – low season.
April-June and September-October – preseason (probably the best time to travel). Some cities like Barcelona and Amsterdam don’t really have a preseason anymore. They’re full of tourist all year long!

Winter is probably one of the least crowded periods, although Christmas Fairs all over Europe are starting to attract more and more tourists. If you travel in winter to avoid the tourist hoards, don’t go to Vienna, for example (although the city is very beautiful during winter).

It goes without saying that places where you can ski are also very crowded in winter!

If you’re interested in winter sports, you could try going to countries that are less known for skiing, for example Slovakia, which is cheaper than Austria. Other good options are Bulgaria (Bansko), Poland and the Czech Republic.

During preseason – I would recommend Croatia, Italy, Greece, southern France, Spain, Turkey, Iceland and Portugal. You will get a chance not only to discover amazing places, but to enjoy everything in a less crowded situation.

Portugalia plaja toamna

Simona Istanbul

I think low season is the traveler’s heaven. Many of us are bothered by long queues and too crowded places, so we’d rather go to work in the summer and take vacations shortly before or after.

During low season – I recommend Paris, Barcelona, the Amalfi coast and Cinque Terre, Venice, Capri, Napoli, Norway (may is the sunniest month) Portugal, Dublin, Berlin, Vienna and The Czech Republic.


During high season I would go to Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, Bordeaux, Bled and even Macedonia, but I would avoid crowded Montenegro.


If you want to go to the northern countries, I would recommend you do it during summer. I don’t know how crowded Oslo is during summer, but it’s definitely a better option than in the winter!

What are your recommendations for traveling in Europe depending on the season?


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