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World hostel map – Lub-D Bangkok

Oh boy, do I love hostels! Especially the really good ones. Why? Because of the friendly atmosphere, because some of them are a lot cleaner than some fancier hotels (a good hostel wouldn’t risk receiving bad reviews on TripAdvisor, social media, etc).

Today I’ll tell you a little bit about Lub’D Bangkok.

Where to find them?

They have 2 locations in Bangkok. One is in Siam Square, the other one in Silom (this is where we stayed). Both of them really close to BTS Sky Train (the fastest and easiest way to get around in Bangkok). They will open a third location in Patong-Phuket in July.



What I liked?

Wow, this is a really good hostel! High speed Internet, which I’m using right now and it works great, even though the hostel is full and 3/4 of everyone here is online.
The bathrooms are big, so are the showers, nice designed sinks, everything is very clean. Comfortable beds, colorful rooms, a cool place all together.

Lub D Bangkok-14_1280x720

Lub D Bangkok-2_1280x720

Lub D Bangkok-4_1280x720

Lub D Bangkok-7_1280x720

The friendly atmosphere! The staff here will do everything possible to help you, whether you’re asking for a lighter or about the nearest bus station. They will even draw you a map of how to get where you need to get. They will probably even remember the country you were born!

Every bunk bed has it’s own electrical outlets, reading light, and a little shelf for your stuff. The mattresses are narrower than the bed itself, so that’s another place where you can put your stuff.


Other facilities

  • Laundry room and dryer.
  • A list of those who want to share a cab to the airport or the bus terminal.
  • A room with a big screen TV where you can chill in a bean bag and watch a  movie.
  • They organize tours, including in bordering countries.
  • Bangkok tours and other activities  (cooking classes for example)
  • They have a lot of books you can read.

Lub D Bangkok-8_1280x720

Lub D Bangkok-3-2_1280x720

Relaxing area

Spacious and well thought. Many places to sit, with a big „round” table in the middle (where people can work,  socialize while charging their phones 🙂 ), 4 computers, free popcorn for all some days, a bar and a basic restaurant, seats outside for smokers, happy hour special prices.

We liked this place so much, we’re definitely coming back the next time we’re in Bangkok.

Lub D Bangkok-3-2_1280x720

Lub D Bangkok-13_1280x720

And they get extra points for all the useful information about Thailand they have posted all over the hostel and on their Facebook page!

And the cherry on top is the cool playlist! 🙂

A perfect 10!

Travel & love, love to travel!


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