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Erase, rewind, let me introduce myself

Hey, I’m Simona Stanescu, but you probably already knew that – after all, you can see who signs the articles

Quite often I am undecided about things and it bothers me that the day is only 24 hours long. Surprisingly, often the best way to spend my free time is either sleeping or being unproductive.

  • I hate mornings.
  • I love adventure and travel
  • I walk between extremes. You can rarely find me in the gray zone, I rarely tolerate people. Most times I either like them or not … or I don’t share my opinion.
  • I am often borderline
  • I often contradict myself
  • In various situations, I sing songs in my head – like Ally McBeal – although she was a skinny lawyer with many love problems… so besides music and a strong visual imagination, we have nothing in common.
  • I love abandoned places and I want to visit a couple of them.
  • I want a lama pet, to go to India, Afghanistan , to take skydiving courses and to visit places that people tend to avoid
  • I feel that life is short and if I have an accident I want to donate my organs. Everything that can be taken. Any shred, any gristle …:)
  • I’m not afraid to travel all by myself and I recently discovered that I enjoy it. After all, it’s better to be alone than to feel alone!
  • I collect postcards and will give some as a gift to you too!

I’ve started this year full of confidence and high hopes. I am full of energy and enthusiasm!

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Let’s get to know each other better! You can ask me absolutely any question and I will answer, or you can just talk about yourself (but be decent). I trust your common sense!

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