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About solitude and peace on a journey

Or about angels and demons, more about angels, but it probably depends on each individual. Ultimately, what’s ademon for you and what’s an angel?

What I learned travelling alone? That I am self-sufficient without being vain. That I understand myself and this is difficult to achieve but important. That I know which are the mechanisms that tick inside myself and how they work.

I learned that there’s a difference between courage and foresight. You can have foresight and courage at the same time!

What I wanted? Peace in people and in the world in general. I can’t get neither the first, nor the second. I understand that peace is a feeling that makes you feel warm on the inside, which brings serenity and makes you dream. Perhaps this is why people forget to dream. We fight too many invisible wars with ourselves and with the world around us.

What I pondered? The fact that we are born alone but along the way we forget how to be alone. We are cautious with people. But people do not seek to hurt us. Most other travelers crave nothing but good company and stories.

Photo 25.12.2013, 17 30 52 (1)

At home and „out in the world” things are the same. There’s nothing special. It’s just that when you travel, you’re more open to listening to stories. How many times have you striked up a conversation with a stranger and talk to him until you know his life story, in the comfort of your home city? How many times have you stopped a man to ask him where he comes from and where he’s going?


When travelling, we are more open to such things, and as someone said tonight, we learn more being alone.

You’re asking if I found Christmas. I found it just because it was within me, incautareacraciunului 1or maybe I found myself, wandering the world.

Or maybe I realised that I’m just reinventing myself. Anything is possible!:)

I’m not saying I brought this to an art-form level. But I feel I’m on the right track, without having a path, a plan, or a map!

Which, ultimately, I wish for you too!


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