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„My brother from another mother”

In fact our brother and sister from another mother landed in our house / home / souls / live via couchsurfing. This post is written in English so they can understand (without using google translate) what we are saying.

I think that even if we won’t ever ever see each other (but this is impossible because we liked you too much) we will always keep you into our hearts and into our minds. We had that instant „click”… before we knew it we were telling stories about our life and the way that we see life & religion and we discovered that we share the same views.


Next thing you know we realized that we are very much alike, that we kinda like the same things, and we can tell if a town or a place is expensive by the price of the beer… also that we all like to travel so very very much and that we are kinda wishing for the same places!


It is weird but nice to find people that areso close to you and your mind although they come from half way across the globe! Me and Ray hate that our birthday is after New Years Eve and that everybody is to drunk or stuffed to remember you (well almost everybody)… So we have the same #firstworldproblems.

By the end of the weekend we already had our jokes :).

245 242 186 185 171 152 jess ohrid Biserica Ohrid

Also I think that they are one of the cutest couples ever! I like to say that they are from the same movie :).

For the ones who don’t know who Ray and Jess are – they are two very very cute, nice and full of life travelers from America. They are traveling through Europe. They had the plane tickets to come in Romania and they are leaving to America from Italy at the begining of October. Between this two they don’t have a plan. They want to visit several countries but they can do whatever they want – no plane tickets between countries, no bookings. 🙂

Thank you for such a nice weekend. We are so very happy we meet you. We are waiting to hear about what you did during the trip. Stay safe and have lots and lots of fun! Don’t forget to post on Facebook as much as you can. We are anxious to see how your trip around Europe is going!

sorry for the typos – it is kinda late! 🙂

Also guys I didn’t took the liberty to post photos with you in bathing suits – I forgot to ask if it’s ok or not :(. To be safe only your legs were unveiled :).

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