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Download Bucharest City App and discover Bucharest and the surroundings

I am happy to let you know that starting today Bucharest has a dedicated application for IOS and Android. Bucharest City App is the name and it was developed independently by Alex Filip and Dragos Asaftei, together with their team of other 17 persons!

Download Bucharest City App either if you are visiting Bucharest or living here! I find it useful because of it’s features, easy to use menu, you can keep track of cool events and places in Bucharest, basicaly all you need from this city is in this app.

  • events
  • movies
  • parties
  • concerts
  • restaurants
  • coffee places
  • clubs
  • shops
  • spa
  • drug stores
  • medical services
  • Thing to see in Bucharest
  • Routes to take
  • Metro map
  • Taxi
  • a lot more others

And this is not all. Bucharest City App is a local social network because of it’s feature that alows users to generate collections of favourite places. They can share them with friends. Any user that is connected through Facebook or Google can see the list of followers of a location, and can discover new and interesting places, maybe friends!

Download Bucharest City App free for Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The project was developed bu Eventur Group and Eventya and it was founded 100% by own resources.

Hope you will visit Bucharest soon. If you do, let me know and we can take the secret tour together! Download Bucharest City App and enjoy your time here!

If you have any questions about Bucharest, Romania or anything use the comment area below, email me (simona (at) lipa-lipa (dot) ro) or ask me on the Facebook page!

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